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Fort Worth


AMS-2486             Titanium Conversion Coating

FPS-1004               Fuel Tank Coating

FPS-3006               Solid Film Lubricant Solvent Base, M390

FPS 3006                Solid Film Lubricants Water Base, Everlube 9002

LMA-PC009           Hardness or Conductivity Testing

MIL-A-8625,         Type 1 and 1B, II, III Anodize

MIL-C-27725/AMS-C-27725      Fuel Tank Coating

MIL-L-46010         Solid Film Lubricant / MIL-PRF-46010

MIL-DTL-5541     Chem Film, AMS-C-5541, Type I, Class A and Class 3

MIL-F-18264        Prime & Paint

NDTS-1500 / 1502      Conductivity Testing


Lockheed Martin Space Systems (Denver)


MIL-F-18264        Finishes, Organic and Weapons

               5-75149         Coating Application

               0-75343         Coating Application

               5-75052         CTG System Epoxy Polyamide Primer Topcoat

               0-06169         Coating Poly High Solids

               5-04098         Primer Epoxy Zinc Rich

               0-74068         Application of MIL-P-85582 / MIL-PRF-85582

               MIL-F-7179 / MIL-STD-7179             Paint

               MIL-P-23377 / MIL-PRF-23377       Epoxy Primer


MIL-C-5541 / MIL-DTL-5541          Chem Conversion for Aluminum


MIL-A-8625        Anodic Coatings for Aluminum

              MIL-A-8625   Type I Anodize Chromic

              MIL-A-8625   Type II Anodize Sulfuric

              MIL-A-8625   Type III Anodize Hardcoat

              5-75148          Anodic Coatings for Aluminum

              AMS 2471      Type II Anodize

              AMS 2469      Type III Anodize – Hardcoat

              AMS 2472      Anodize Sulfuric

              AMS 2470      Type I Anodize – Chromic


AMS 2486          Conversion Coating for Titanium


AMS 2700          Passivation of Corrosion Resistant STE

               5-75059                               Passivation – Nitric Acid – Type A Ambient

               5-75059                               Passivation – Nitric Acid – Type B

               AMS-QQ-P-35 Type II      Passivation

               AMS-QQ-P-35                    Passivation – Corrosion Res. Canx See AMS 2700

               AMS-QQ-P-35 Type VI    Passivation Nitric Acid Low Tem

               AMS-QQ-P-35 Type VIII Passivation Nitric Acid

               AMS 2700 Type 2            Medium Temperature Nitric Acid with SO

               AMS 2700 Type 6            Low Temperature Nitric Acid

               AMS 2700 Type 8            Medium Temperature, High Nitric Acid


AS 5272              Lubricant, Solid Film Heat Cured, corrosive

               0-75045                Solid Film Lubricant, Impinged

               0-73567                Solid Film Lubricant, Air Drying

               5-73810                Lube, Solid Film, Extreme Environment

               MIL-L-8937          Lube, Solid Film

               MIL-L-46010       Lube, Solid Film H/C Ty I & II- CANX AS 5272 I, II

               STP-4D005          Dry Film Lubricant, Application of

               STP 40010           Lubricants

               STP 40013           Solid Film Lubricant, Air Cured

               STP 40017           Greases, Solid Film Lubricants, and Fluorocar

Lockheed Approvals

Many of our approvals are listed below, but if you are looking for a

specification that is not listed, please give us a call at (562) 602-1791. 

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